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Final Fantasy VIII on Windows 7

Posted by Trevor Sullivan on 2009/06/22

For anyone who’s interested, I just thought I’d let you all know that Final Fantasy VIII works on the Windows 7 Release Candidate without issue! If I recall correctly, there were some issues with FF8 working on Vista.

All I did was install it, and play it … it just works! 🙂


8 Responses to “Final Fantasy VIII on Windows 7”

  1. Jose said

    Great!!, I was searching for someone who had a crack or something to play FFVIII in Windows 7, but with this review I can be quiet. Thanks!

  2. VollachR said

    Any news regarding Final Fantasy 8 & Final RTM Windows 7?

    I installed it without a problem but the game keeps crashing, mostly when videos suppose to play but not always, it’s always the same error message. so far moving binkw32.dll from one folder to another solved it but I’m stuck now at a point where I moved it again to solve a crash at the begining of a battle and now it crash after the battle and before I can save so I end up doing the same battle over & over again.

  3. godswift said

    thanks dude… now to install and play…

    • godswift said

      it works but when i use program to forcewindow my screen it gets back to it’s glitchy look. there is a patch for this but when using force window, it doesn’t work.

  4. j800r said

    tried it out myself and having terrible graphical problems. it jus doesn’t display right. got it cause thought it’d be better picture than my psx version. so far it’s not 😐

  5. Henrique8 said

    Hi dude..

    I’m using windows seven 64 bits. I can install ff8 but when I put “new game” the screen stay black and nothing happen.

    I’m looking for something like a pacth but nothing.

  6. Dream said

    Trying to acces the ff8 install, but its stuck in task manger before exectuing the install program! Any suggestions to solve this problem?

  7. Daniel said

    I’ve got the same problem as Dream.

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