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Troubleshooting Failed Software Updates in ConfigMgr

Posted by Trevor Sullivan on 2009/11/02


I just wanted to take a few moments to share the thought process that I use to troubleshoot failing software updates in Configuration Manager. On several occasions for me, this has been the most straightforward method of figuring out why an update is failing, and determining how to resolve the issue.

How to Manually Troubleshoot a Software Update

  1. Identify the GUID or KB article number of the software update
  2. Find the update in the ConfigMgr console’s Update Repository
  3. Open the update’s property page
  4. Go to the Content Information tab
  5. Find the appropriate line item, click it, and Ctrl + C to copy it
  6. Open Notepad, paste the line into it, and parse out the URL
  7. Download the update with your web browser
  8. Extract the update file(s) from the CAB
  9. Manually execute the update with any command-line options for logging
  10. Examine the resulting log file to determine the failure reason

These steps have usually worked for me, and it is a more direct method of troubleshooting than examining the Configuration Manager log files, since you are manually executing the patch, and can enable additional logging. The SCCM client’s log files can help with initially identifying a failing update, but to dig deeper, you may want to follow the above steps.

ConfigMgr Client Software Update Log Files

  • UpdatesDeployment.log
  • UpdatesHandler.log
  • UpdatesStore.Log
  • WUAHandler.log
  • WindowsUpdate.log (located in the root of %WINDIR%)

Hope this helps!


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