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Silently Installing the Windows 7 AIK

Posted by Trevor Sullivan on 2011/02/08

So I’m working on some automated lab build “stuff” and I tried to silently install the Windows 7 AIK using a simple call to msiexec. Apparently there is something built into the Windows 7 AIK MSI package that prevents it from being installed non-interactively. This is a bit frustrating.

Upon execution of the msiexec command, I received a message in the MSI log, stating: “This MSI can only be installed with full UI.”


I would surmise that, with some MSI hacking, or using a transform, this behavior could be circumvented.

Update (2011-02-09)

Simon and Samuel both posted a solution in the comments. You can use a transform included in the WAIK, like this:

msiexec /i waikx86.msi TRANSFORMS=”waikx86.mst” /qn
msiexec /i waikamd64.msi TRANSFORMS=”waikamd64.mst” /qn

Thanks for the help folks!


6 Responses to “Silently Installing the Windows 7 AIK”

  1. Simon Giesemann said

    Using a transfrom (mst) remove the UILevel = 5 condition from the LaunchCondition table.

    • Simon Giesemann said

      I just had a closer look, there’s already a transform that does this for you, so all you need is one of the following command lines.
      msiexec /i waikx86.msi TRANSFORMS=”waikx86.mst” /qn
      msiexec /i waikamd64.msi TRANSFORMS=”waikamd64.mst” /qn

  2. Samuel_b said

    If you open the msi file (in anyone of the free tools e.g. Orca, InstEd or AdminStudio ConfigMgr Edition) and create a new transform, in LaunchCondition table drop the row with the condition ULeve l -5 and in the Property table drop the row with property String_MustHaveFullUI. Specify the transform when you call the msiexec command.

  3. Mike Stitzel said

    Hi, I am trying to do a silent install of windows 7 AIK for AMD64. I am a UNIX Admin and got the bright idea
    to add the ability to build Windows PC’s from a Solaris
    Jumpstart server, you can do anything with UNIX, I mean how hard could it be, that was about a year ago. I have learned a lot since then, and the more I learn, the more I realize how little I know.

    Anyway, forgive me if I am missing the obvious, where are you getting the waikamd64.mst file from? I have googled it to death, I must be missing something.
    because no one else is having this problem.

    Here are the files extracted from KB3AIK_EN.iso:

    I also extracted the 5 CAB files, but not of the cab files that were created from that extraction.

    It looks to me like I need to open the MSI file and create a new transform, you are loosing me when you say the transform already exists.

    Can you please hold my hand 😉

    Now if I can just figure out how to do a Office 2010 x64 silent… x32 is easy, x64 has issues…

    And if you could respond to it would be helpful.

    Thanks much!

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