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Microsoft Community Contributor Award

Posted by Trevor Sullivan on 2011/03/01

Hey folks,

I was recently presented with a Microsoft Community Contributor award for participation in various online IT communities. Thanks to the folks at Microsoft for this!

I genuinely hope that my contributions to the community have been helpful to my readers, and to anyone else that has sought help on topics that I’ve written about. This is something that I’m truly passionate about, so it’s very rewarding for me to find that others have found my content to be helpful.

For the rest of you out there … if you aren’t already, I strongly suggest that you start a blog, and participate in discussion forums, mailing lists, Twitter, and other forms of social media. There are lots of people out there that need help in their technical field(s), and I’m sure that your knowledge and experience would be quite beneficial to them!

MCC Certificate



3 Responses to “Microsoft Community Contributor Award”

  1. Ravikanth said

    A very well deserved recognition and I am hoping that this will set the stage for your MVP award as well. Keep up the great job.

  2. congrats on the award Trevor ! very well deserved 🙂

  3. TNV Balaji said

    Congrates !!
    Join in
    Microsoft Community Contributor – Professional Linkedin Group

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