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Dell Updates Client Configuration Toolkit (CCTK)

Posted by Trevor Sullivan on 2011/08/01

Dell has just recently updated the Client Configuration Toolkit (CCTK). CCTK is a well-documented command-line tool that allows IT administrators to manage hardware-level settings via script / batch. It uses a Hardware API (HAPI) driver, which can be dynamically installed at runtime, to make changes to the system’s BIOS / UEFI firmware configuration.

Download the Dell CCTK 2.0.1

The new publish date for this updated software is 7/25/11, and it is version 2.0.1. I’ve included the changes from the release notes below:


Version 2.0.1
Release Notes


What’s New in This Release
* Support for new BIOS options, ‘optimus’ , ‘controlwwanradio’ and
  ‘controlwlanradio’. For more information run the following commands
  – cctk.exe -h –optimus
  – cctk.exe -h –controlwwanradio
  – cctk.exe -h –controlwlanradio

* Support for additional arguments in the BIOS option, ‘keyboardillumination’.
  For more information, run the below command
  – cctk.exe -h –keyboardillumination

* Packaging CCTK installation file as a Dell Update Package (DUP) to:
  – simplify upgrade and installation of CCTK  in one-to-many environments
  – return Dell standard installation codes to simplify scripting for mass


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