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About Trevor

Trevor - San Francisco CA 2010

Trevor Sullivan

Hello! My name is Trevor Sullivan.

I have been working in the IT field since 2004, and am primarily self-taught. That means that I do not have a college degree, nor am I ashamed to publicize that. I have a sincere passion for learning about all sorts of various technologies in the world of systems management and network infrastructure. Because I am self-taught, and have relied heavily on the various online communities (and Google) for support during my earlier years in IT, I feel very strongly about contributing back to the community, and sharing information freely with others. Blogging is one way that I can achieve that, followed by participation in e-mail mailing lists and online discussion forums.

Some of the technologies I work with include:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008
  • Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7
  • Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2008/2010
  • Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) 2007
  • Microsoft Windows Powershell
  • Microsoft VBscript (aka. Visual Basic Script or Windows Script Host)
  • Microsoft Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Microsoft Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 / C#
  • Intel vPro Technology (aka. Active Management Technology or AMT)

Of all the things that I do, I would probably have to say that I love coding the most. I love writing VBscripts, Powershell scripts, or C# / .NET software that enables me to do things that I couldn’t do with the tools that are provided by default with many software packages. I love automation and monitoring, and solving problems with code.

My goal with this blog, my Twitter account (@pcgeek86), and other social media tools, is to create and distribute effective, high quality content, that is able to assist the members of the IT community. The purpose of my research and writing is not primarily for myself, but to help solve real-world problems that I find other people running into. The questions and discussion I see other people engaging in, are a significant influence on where I direct my time spent on research. The more discussion a topic gets, or the more questions I see in a focused area of technology, the more important I perceive this issue to the community as a whole.

On the side, I have a personal interest in photography. As of this writing, I shoot with a Nikon D200, which was an upgrade from my original Nikon D50. Photography is one method of capturing the awesome beauty in the world, created by a God who loves His people very much. There are literally trillions, no, infinite opportunities for beautiful photos, sometimes even just photos of the simplest things, or photos at odd angles that you wouldn’t typically see, and it’s just something I enjoy doing!

I hope that this has given you a decent idea of who I am, and I hope that anything I post here will be helpful to the entire, growing online community. If a Google search turns up one of my blog posts that’s helpful to you, then I will be very glad that I took the time to write it. If you’re interested in contacting me, please e-mail me at I am open to discussion or questions on various topics, including topics in the IT field or about photography.

I used to maintain an old blog on Google’s Blogger service, but I decided to switch to WordPress, since the tools seem better. The old blog address is:

Thanks for reading,

Trevor Sullivan

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6 Responses to “About Trevor”

  1. Whitney Phaneuf said

    Great blog Trevor. We’re so happy to have you in the 1E community!

  2. Just popping over for a visit Trevor. Appreciate your ‘about me’ page, it’s really well written. Hope to see a guest post from you over at infocarnivore soon.

  3. Kaushik Chatterjee said

    Hi Trevor,
    You inspire me ! great effort 🙂
    I appriciate your ability, and your saying Thanx to the WWW people / sites and google.
    i too work with systems and my need is not too great but … well i need to auto install windows and some sundry apps quite frequently in my office / or friends places. So i might ( some times ) come to you for enlightments.

    thanks and regards


  4. Steve Wayment said

    Hey Trevor,

    I have recently started development on automating SCCM tasks. I have seen some good things on your site so far, but it is far from comprehensive. Do you have any suggestions on where to go for a detailed guide on using PowerShell with SCCM, instead of using WMI commands?

  5. MB said

    Hi Trevor, that is a great photograph of you there

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